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Grip Performance on Dry Road - 80%
Grip Performance on Wet Road - 80%
Dry Braking Performance - 80%
Wet Braking Performance - 80%
Noise Control - 60%
Comfort - 60%


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Hello, many people are looking for fuel-efficient tires. Affordable is certainly today we I'll take it I know tires DUNLOP has been developed for use truly is DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 tire has been developed. by DUNLOP SP TOURING T1 to be durable. And the road is better than the original.
DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 is designed for better road performance than the predecessor DUNLOP SP TOURING T1 by adding a wider tire contact, reducing the tread pattern from 5 rows to 4 rows, so each row of tire tread. Have more contact. And tread design to make it larger and more water.

In addition, the DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 was developed to reduce the tire tread. Impact on the road up, because in the tread, each row will be stronger than DUNLOP SP TOURING T1   makes the tread of DUNLOP SP TOURING R1resistance to deformation of the tread had better make DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 can road. Better than DUNLOP SP TOURING T1

The three-layer structure makes the DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 strong. DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 is also developing a structure to keep the cheeks tear- free when used to improve driving performance.

DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 , the strength of the tire. In terms of durability of use. With thicker tires, it can be difficult to deform. Equipped with a strong structure to push the tire down comfortably. The wet roadway developed with larger rubber grooves makes it easier to grind water. DUNLOP SP TOURING R1 can also increase road adhesion with a wider tread pattern .

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Nitirath Kanjanakesorn
2 years ago
Honda CRV - 205/65R15
Driver has driven 200000 KM.
Grip Performance on Dry Road 4/5Grip Performance on Wet Road 4/5
Dry Braking Performance 4/5Wet Braking Performance 4/5
Comfort 3/5Noise Control 3/5

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