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ComfortContact CC6 SPECIAL PRICE

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Continental ComfortContact CC6 is equipped with innovative German technology that will provide additional features developed by the older generation. More water resistance, longer braking distance for both dry roads and wet roads, better control, better wet grip. Smoothness and quietness of the driving force increase, the resistance of the car runs down, saving more. And with a longer life from the new tread design. The design of the tire is a special design that is set on the inner cheeks of the tire. This special design allows the Helmholz Reflector to work. Noise generated between the road and the tire is effectively eliminated for the convenience of all users.

The principle of the tread pattern with this look. It will help to eliminate noise when the tire is rotated by the drive, normally there will be noise to the tread pattern. (To water), which interfere with driving. This pattern of tires helps to offset the noise by working less like a car exhaust. The design of the front of the tire to the sound directly into the cabin. At the same time, the rubber grooves have been fitted with a special 0 db-Eaters spherical button. The new noise reduction design is placed in the groove to avoid impacting the tire performance. Efficient noise reduction This design uses the same concepts as coastal waves. This will reduce the sea level to the coast

Continental ComfortContact CC6 features a new Whisper Compound. The tire contact with the road surface. The Continental ComfortContact CC6 uses a specially formulated rubber blend of Softener to give the tire a better grip on the road surface. As a result, the rubber has less vibration. This is a good way to reduce the volume of tires during driving. It also gives the tire a smooth ride. Rolling Resistane and vibration absorption and prolongs the service life.

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